First HEMS-Station® Enabled Secondary Landing Site Goes Live

HEMS-Station® Solar Plus

We are proud to announce that our first HEMS-Station® enabled secondary landing site has become operational with the launch of Aylestone Hill in Hereford for the Midland Air Ambulance Charity.

As Julian Spiers, Airbase Supervisor for the charity’s Strensham airbase in Worcestershire explains: “Hereford Hospital’s helipad isn’t currently night capable, the temporary landing site means we can reach and treat patients at a Hereford-based incident scene after dark. We can then rapidly convey patients in critical need of specialist care to a major trauma centre, at either Bristol or Coventry.”

HEMS-Station® provides a secure storage and charging cabinet for ten HEM-Star® portable helipad lights keeping them ready for immediate deployment. The Aylestone Hill site is supported by a team of community volunteers who can rapidly mark out a safe landing area so that the charity’s helicopters can remain operational after nightfall.

Please view our video below which shows HEMS-Station® Solar Plus in action and now operational at Hereford for the Midland Air Ambulance Charity.

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