ILED - Aquarius Illuminated Windsock

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock provides pilots with an indication of the wind direction as required by IMO Modu Code, CAA CAP 437 and ICAO Annex 14. 



IMO Modu Code, CAA CAP 437 and ICAO Annex 14 regulations require:

  • The presence of at least one windsock.  If the helideck is intended for use at night, the windsock must be illuminated.
  • Using ILED technology the windsock is illuminated internally, thereby minimizing glare and thus increasing safety.

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock is manufactured out of corrosion resistant materials:

  • All exposed material is Stainless steel AISI 316L.
  • For the lighting fixture aluminium provides excellent thermal conductivity, ensuring that the LEDs have the longest possible service life.  The alloy used is extremely corrosion resistant and recommended for offshore use.

Electrical Specifications

35W 90-250 Vac


Design Features

The ILED Aquarius Illuminated Windsock is designed to require an absolute minimum of maintenance.

  • Manufactured as a sealed unit, which keeps all contaminants and corrosive influences away from sensitive electronics, combined with the ATEX/IECEx Ex e certification means that only a periodic visual inspection is required.
  • Smart design and the use of the highest-grade materials and components enables excellent heat management that ensures the longest possible operating life.
  • Unique reflector mechanism completely removes the need to use moving electrical parts resulting in significantly reduced maintenance costs resulting in a very low “total cost of ownership”.