ILED Aquarius Perimeter Light

The ILED Aquarius Perimeter Light is manufactured with a toughened soda lime glass lens resulting in a high impact and fracture resistance.

LED installation of the highest quality and power providing the colours of Green, Red, Blue, Amber, and White.


Design Features

The ILED Aquarius is available as either an Ex-hazardous Area or Industrial Safe Area-version.

  • The output intensity of the LED lights accords to CAA and ICAO guidelines and requirements.
  • The main housing, mounting, plate and fastenings are made of high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L. The IP66 rated junction box is protected by a sealing and packing which is made from highly weather and seawater resistant material, thus ensuring the unit is impermeable to moisture.

Electrical Specification

 9W 95-255Vac