Portable Helipads

A helicopter has to have a landing site. There are many alternatives, however it is not always possible to secure the most beneficial to a specific tactical or logistical situation. The concept of the PORTAPAD is that it has the versatility to go into an area at a predetermined cost and for a planned time frame. When the assignment is completed, you exit that area with the equipment and the initial investment intact ready to be deployed time and again. Installation of the PORTAPAD is quick, with little or no site preparation required after which the PORTAPAD provides a strong, safe, reusable helicopter landing platform.

The Portapad is currently in use internationally within:-

  • Private helicopter owners sector and logging industry in North America,
  • Oil and Gas industry in Australasia,
  • In Papua New Guinea the Portapad is used for remote location work within the Mining industry.

helicopter-on-portapad-2 helicopter-on-portapad

Standard Sizes, Aircraft Weight Capacity & Pricing:

  • 20ft (6.1m) x 20ft (6.1m) – MTOW of Helicopter  15000lbs (6800kg)
  • 30ft (9.15m) x 30ft (9.15m) – MTOW of Helicopter 15000lbs (6800kg) 

* Non-standard sizes priced on request.

Download Portapad Datasheet »

Technical Spec

  • Maximum Helicopter Landing Weight: 4,500kg – 6,800kg (heavier on application).
  • Heliport will support static load of 18,000 lbs.
  • Deck Dimensions: 6.1m x 6.1m, 9.15m x 9.15m or larger on application.
  • Number of Legs: 9


  • Virtually Maintenance Free Parts are non-corrosive alloy or stainless steel
  • Permanent or Portable Simply Relocate it when necessary
  • Lightweight Aluminium
  • Can be made  accessible 24/7  with the addition of FEC Heliport lights
  • Add a snow melt system and the PORTAPAD is usable in winter.
  • Cost Effective Low Maintenance and Relocation Costs
  • The PORTAPAD significantly reduces brownout


  • Easy Assembly: Two men up to two hours to assemble
  • Access Ladders: On wheels in order to be moved on takeoff and landing.
  • Sign Writing: Aluminium landing base & side banners easily sign written to your specification.
  • Brownout & FOD Prevention: The FEC Portapad provides a stable, safe helipad in conditions made dangerous to man and destructive to machine by dust, debris, sand, snowfalls, mudslides or bushfires.
  • Health & safety: Firm Landing surface in all weather conditions, enhanced visibility, raised tail rotor.