LithiumSafe Gloves, for safely picking up Lithium ion batteries and PED's

The LithiumSafe™ Gloves are designed to safely pick up and place overheated or burning Lithium batteries, or electronic devices (PEDs) carrying batteries, inside a LithiumSafe containment system. 

The gloves are made from high temperature insulation materials that are able to withstand temperatures up to 1000 °C / 1832 °F. They can be used in direct flame contact. 

When overheating of the battery is observed, when it starts to emit smoke or after combustion of the battery cell - simply put on the gloves, and place the battery or PED inside the LithiumSafe containment system. When using the LithiumSafe Battery Bag, use the velcro flap.

Product features

• High temperature resistant 

• 500 °C / 932 °F resistance to contact heat 

• 1000 °C / 1832 °F resistance to radiation heat 

• Offers protection against molten metal and alumininum drops 

• Excellent grip 

• Flexible