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    Need something on which to land your helicopter but don’t want an ugly concrete slab creating a permanent eyesore on your lawn or property? The FEC Portapad is your answer! The Portapad has the versatility to provide quick, safe and efficient landing sites placed to meet tactical and logistical requirements rather than for the convenience of the helicopter. The full potential of the helicopter can be realized with the FEC Portapad. Made from our 6000 Series Aluminum, this helipad is a lifetime investment. Don’t pour a concrete pad that will have to be destroyed when the job is done. Set up our Portapad and easily disassemble and store it for future use. It comes in two sizes and has adjustable legs to adapt to uneven terrain.

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    FEC Heliports Lighting Equipment

    FEC Heliports lights are used on heliports throughout the world. We design and manufacture all of our own heliport lighting which allows us to offer the best priced options on the market today. All of our lighting is designed to meet heliport guideline recommendations. We offer a complete line including perimeter lights, obstruction lights, floodlights, beacons and lighted wind cones.

FEC Heliports Portable Lighting

New Portable Heliport Lighting Systems

FEC Heliports has upgraded the popular HeliLight System into two new variants HEMS-Star® and MIL-Star®.  Our portable rechargeable LED lighting systems are designed for fast deployment in emergency and temporary uses to facilitate safe and effective marking at either ad-hoc or designated helicopter landing areas.

Tried and Trusted

Our portable helipad lighting systems have been deployed on a global scale and are currently in use in the USA, Russia, Bangladesh, Mozambique, Kenya and Japan.  They have been operational in the field for two years and are used at multiple locations by:

  • Scottish Ambulance Service
  • Midland Air Ambulance
  • Welsh Air Ambulance
  • North West Air Ambulance
  • National Police Air Service (NPAS)

Contact sales@heliportsequipment.com  to discuss your individual requirements or visit our new pages HEMS-Star® and MIL-Star®.