DSP Flexipower Single Phase UPS 5KVA

Designed and built to protect your electronic equipment from power fluctuations, this UPS is your insurance for a reliable, clean and stable supply.

The multi-functional LCD/LED panel displays various readings including voltage, load status and inner cabinet temperature. Fully programmable from the display, the UPS has ECO and Normal modes, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Key Product Features

  • On-Line Double Conversion Technology
  • Real Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Controller
  • Power factor correction
  • High output power factor
  • Low total harmonic distortion (THD) level
  • Transformer-less Design
  • High Performance with the PWM Sinewave Topology
  • Cold Start Function
  • Intelligent Battery Management System extends the lifetime of batteries

Key Product Features

  • Overload, Overheat & Short Circuit Protections
  • User-Friendly Multi-Functional LED/LCD Display Panel
  • Emergency shut down control through EPO
  • Energy Saving Mode (Eco-mode)
  • Extended back up time with external battery cabinet
  • RS232 Communication Port & Management Software
  • Internal SNMP, Dry contact and RS485 card options

Product Weight& Dimensions

75Kg      741 mm x 255 mm x 585 mm (L x W x H)