FEC Programmable LED Location & Identification Beacon

A Heliport Beacon is required where long range visual guidance is needed and not provided by any other means, or where the location of the helipad is difficult to identify due to surrounding lights.

FEC Programmable LED Location & Identification Beacon provides visual clues as flashes / Morse Code that can easily be identified and simply followed even when concentrating on flying an advanced aircraft.



Available as three colours (Aviation Green, White & Yellow).  High brightness LEDs and advanced micro-electronics provide the following features:

  • Programmable operating modes.  A range of pre-programmed and user field-selectable operating modes.
  • Onboard switches to enable different maximum light output levels to be set and to enable control which quadrants of light are active.

Key Product Features

  • Enabled for wireless control remotely via a PC/Tablet with the USB-UHF transceiver.
  • Rotating (simulated) and flashing beacon modes.
  • Morse Modes.
  • Provision for 8 custom patterns.
  • High-visibility yellow cast aluminium body suitable for the harshest environments.
  • Pre-wired for quick and easy installations.
  • Operating voltage 120V-277V, 50/60Hz.
  • Operating temperature: -25C to +50C.
  • Rated at +50,000 hours.

Switch Setting







                          ICAO Helipad Beacon

                         ICAO compliant timing

Modified ICAO




Modified ICAO Helipad Beacon

(Default Setting) Modified ICAO compliant timing giving longer flashes within the same period

Morse ID Beacon 1




Morse Identification Beacon #1 (1, 2 or 3 Characters) Factory set default is ‘H’ (Transport Canada compliant) Can be user programmed with optional kit

Morse ID Beacon 2




Morse Identification Beacon #2 (1, 2 or 3 Character)

Factory set default is ‘TST’ for Test.

Can be user programmed with optional kit

Location Beacon




Location Beacon

In this mode the unit flashes at 25 Flashes/Minute consistent with UK CAA CAP168 timing requirements

Rotating Beacon




‘Rotating’ Beacon

In this mode the LED arrays are fired in sequence to create the effect of a rotating beacon (~ 70 RPM)





‘Jump’ Flash

In this mode alternate pairs of LED arrays are fired to create a very visible warning pattern





Test, Setup and Demonstration

Testing, diagnostics and demonstration and for user programming with optional kit