London Air Ambulance HEMS-Star® Delivery

Providing Essential Lighting to London Air Ambulance

We are pleased to announce that London's Air Ambulance has received a case of our HEMS-Star® portable helipad light

17Jan 18
Author:Rohan Paulo
HEMS-Station® Solar Plus

First HEMS-Station® Enabled Secondary Landing Site Goes Live

We are proud to announce that our first HEMS-Station® enabled secondary landing site has become operational with the launch of Aylestone Hill in Hereford for the Midland Air Ambulance Charity.

12Dec 17
Author:Rohan Paulo
Wiltshire Air Ambulance HEMS-Star®

Wiltshire Air Ambulance HEMS-Star®

We have a proud history of working with air ambulance charities.

13Jun 17
Author:Rohan Paulo

Midland Air Ambulance Charity Case Study

Since 1991, Midlands Air Ambulance Charity (MAAC) has responded to more than 47,000 missions avera

05May 17
Author:Rohan Paulo
Scottish Ambulance Service

Contract Won to Supply Scottish Ambulance Service

We are proud to announce that we have been contracted to supply the Scottish Ambulance Service with HEMS-Star® - our portable rechargeable LED Helipad Lighting System.

24Mar 17
Author:Rohan Paulo