PAD-Star® Approach Lights – ICAO & FAA Compliant Low Voltage Solar or Mains Powered LED helipad lighting system with both visible and Infra-Red (IR) LEDs.

Approach lights are one of the most important safety features on your helipad.

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Key Product Features:

  • ICAO Compliant: 3rd Party Certified(Intertek) International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Aerodromes, Annex 14, Volume 2, Fourth Edition dated July 2013

         Photometry – Chapter 5, Figure 5-11, Illustration 6

         Chromaticity – Section 1.2.3 (LED)

  • Very low power consumption: Approx. 3W (idle) and less than 30W max. (including internal winter heater).
  • Low Voltage: Operates from 110-240V AC 50-60Hz or 12V -24V DC (ideal for solar and battery power supply).
  • Variable Light Intensity: ICAO plus additional light levels for both visible and infra-red LEDs: 1%, 3%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 75% & 100%
  • Simple helipad cabling: two core cable taken to each light.
  • Smart installation, setup, control and monitoring: communication over the data cable to intelligent light drivers