FEC HEMS-Station® Secure Storage & Charging Cabinet

HEMS-Station® is the latest addition to our Portable Helipad Lighting Range and is designed to securely store and charge HEMS-Star® and MIL-Star® lights at designated secondary and community landing sites.

HEMS-Station® can be mounted inside a building or externally to a wall or using the FEC HEMS-Station® Mounting System & Solar Panel Pack.


Flexible Smart Technology

  • HEMS-Station® can be powered from a 110 - 230V AC mains supply or a solar array or wind turbine or any combination of the above, automatically switching to the lowest cost/greenest source of supply.
  • All units incorporate a mains powered, thermostatically controlled cabinet heater to combat condensation.
  • HEMS-Station® is fitted with an internal cabinet light to make nighttime operation easier and safer. The cabinet light runs from its own internal battery and charger ensuring up to 3 hours continuous running on battery alone.

Key Components

  • Ten HEMS-Star® rechargeable battery powered LED helipad lights.
  • A 'Spike Rack' is mounted in the enclosure door holding up to 10 ground spikes which can be quickly fixed to HEMS-Star® or MIL-Star® lights for deployment in difficult topology (e.g. long grass).
  • IP65 rated cabinet with powder coated steel enclosure and doors
  • Twin locks with matching keys.
  • All internal metalwork and fixings are A2 stainless steel.