HEMS-Station® Enabled Landing Site Goes Live

Scottish Ambulance Service Air Ambulance Glenforsa  HEMS-Station® Solar Plus

We are proud to announce that a HEMS-Station® enabled landing site has gone live for the Scottish Ambulance Service - Air Ambulance (SASAA) on the Isle of Mull at the Glenforsa Hotel.

FEC HEMS-Station® Solar Plus can be installed and operationally ready within 3 days. It provides a re-locatable, semi-permanent heliport lighting solution that can be implemented almost anywhere in the world, due to its solar power mains autonomy. The HEMS-Station® Solar Plus houses 10 HEMS-Star® portable lights in an IP65 rated secure cabinet, has VHF, UHF & SMS connectivity, comes with portable LED internally illuminated WDI, resulting in an economical yet fully compliant low visibility/night operational helipad solution.

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