PAD-Star® Obstruction Lights – ICAO & FAA Compliant Low Voltage Solar or Mains Powered LED helipad lighting system with both visible and Infra-Red (IR) LEDs.

LED Obstruction lights are an important safety feature of any helipad. They are used to mark and illuminate any type of obstruction in and around the FATO and TLOF.  They also help the pilot locate the pad obstructions from a safe distance and safely land during night operations and inclement weather conditions. 

Key Product Features:

  • ICAO Compliant: 3rd Party Certified(Intertek) International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Aerodromes, Annex 14, Volume 2, Fourth Edition dated July 2013

         Photometry – Chapter 5, Figure 5-11, Illustration 6

         Chromaticity – Section 1.2.3 (LED)

  • Very low power consumption: Approx. 3W (idle) and less than 30W max. (including internal winter heater).
  • Low Voltage: Operates from 110-240V AC 50-60Hz or 12V -24V DC (ideal for solar and battery power supply).
  • Variable Light Intensity: ICAO plus additional light levels for both visible and infra-red LEDs: 1%, 3%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 75% & 100%
  • Simple helipad cabling: two core cable taken to each light.
  • Smart installation, setup, control and monitoring: communication over the data cable to intelligent light drivers