FEC HEMS-Station® Solar Plus

The FEC HEMS-Station® Solar Plus provides a complete helipad lighting solution enabling a secondary landing site to function as a safe and effective 24/7 helicopter landing area.  This comprehensive package includes all the functions required for an autonomously powered and securely stored helipad lighting system ready for immediate deployment.

Please view our video below which shows HEMS-Station® Solar Plus in action and now operational at Hereford for the Midland Air Ambulance Charity.


    Secondary / Community Landing Sites

    These designated landing areas play an important part in extending Air Ambulance operational hours and help to save lives.

    • Allowing Air Ambulances to land safely and near to the scene of an incident, thus reducing the time it takes to transfer patients to specialist treatment.
    • HEMS-Station® provides a secure and relocatable storage and charging cabinet on site for our portable HEMS-Star® LED helipad lights keeping them ready for immediate deployment by a trained community volunteer.
    • HEMS-Station® helps to reduce patient transition time; from the incident scene to the trauma centre, increasing the opportunity to treat the seriously injured in critical the 'Golden Hour'.

    Key Components

    • FEC HEMS-Station® HLC Edition enables Pilot Controlled Lighting via VHF and remote system monitoring via GMS SMS.
    • FEC HEMS-Station® Solar Panel Pack combines an autonomous power supply with a robust dual purpose mounting system.
    • FEC HEMS-Star® rechargeable battery powered LED helipad lights (10 off).  Designed for rapid deployment to provide safe and effective marking at designated or ad-hoc helicopter landing areas.
    • Solar Series Portable LED Wind Cone includes a patented swivel design with internal illumination providing pilots with an always unobscured view of the wind direction indicator.